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GMAT 600 level Problem Solving Practice Question | Percents

The question is a concept outline question and has 5 parts to it to help consolidate the two types of questions that are tested in percentage
1. How to compute x as a percentage of y?
2. How to compute the value of a parameter if its percent is known?

A family earns $7,200 in a month

1. The family saves 25% of its total income. How much does it save?
2. It spends 10% of its total income on education. How much does in spend on education?
3. It spends 50% of its expenses on rent. How much does it spend on rent?
4. The family spends 50% of what it spends on rent on healthcare. How much does it spend on healthcare?
5. Apart from education, rent and healthcare, the family spends money on miscellaneous items. What percentage of its overall income does it spend on miscellaneous items? What is this as a percentage of its overall expenditure?

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