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GMAT Preparation BY Placement Boat.

Candidate Profile:-
Name : Mahima Garg
Educational Background:-
4th year, B.Tech in IT from IG-DTU.
Got a GMAT score of 710 and IELTS GPA of 7.5.

How did you prepare for GMAT?

It took me 3 months of rigorous preparation to prepare for the exam. I did not sit for any placement interviews as I was clear in my head and determined about what I wanted.

GMAT has 4 sections.

The 1st one is analytical writing in which scores are given from 0-6. It does not require too much of hard work for that. A little bit of practice and sample papers are enough to prepare for it.
The 2nd section is the Integrated Reasoning section. Here scores are given from 0-8. There are 12 questions in this section which are a little lengthy and may not be completed in 30 minutes. Therefore, it is advised to attempt only 10 questions comfortably as only 8 questions are considered for marking.
Then there follows an optional 8- minute break which is advised to be taken as it helps relax.
Then there’s the 3rd section which is the Quantitative section and is very important. The score here is given out of 51. It is easy to score 49 or 50 but very difficult to score a perfect 51.
Then comes the 4th and last section which is the Verbal Ability section which is the most difficult part. It has got 3 sub sections consisting of Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction and Reading and Comprehension. Verbal is the one which takes the maximum time and also of 51 marks.

It is advisable to join some kind of a coaching for GMAT as you get an idea about how to go about preparing for it. It is better to stick what is being taught in class and revise along with the classes going on simultaneously.
After booking for the GMAT, you get 2 official papers from them which gives you a very good and rough idea about how the actual GMAT is. Also, the mock tests conducted help you get prepared well.

In IELTS, there are 4 sections as well which are reading, writing, speaking and listening.

For speaking, it is basically a 15-minute interview which tests your fluency and confidence. It is quite easy and requires fluency.
Then comes the listening section that requires listening to a passage and doing comprehension side by side.
The next is reading which again consists of 3 passages fr reading and comprehension.
The last is writing two passages on certain given topics where you just have to express yourself well.

IELTS is very easy if you’ve prepared for GMAT as your English becomes very good. Hence, it can be aced easily.



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