GMAT Techniques: How to eliminate wrong answers on GMAT Problem Solving | Kaplan Test Prep - Videos


Finding the right answer to a GMAT problem is hard enough, but the GMAT makers include trap wrong answers as well. This how-to video will show you tricks for eliminating wrong answers and finding correct ones on algebra, roman numeral, and percent problems, and how to avoid common traps.



  1. Yes you are right! This place guarantees a 760. I took their coaching and scored a 750 after 4 months of preparation. I am from Bangalore. I gave my GMAT last month. I am writing my apps now.
    I highly recommend this place.

  2. Hello all! i solved the successive discounted problem. Since there is no price given, you will have to enter any value. For example, i took a price of $200. Then you need to apply the first discount 10% which is 200*0.10 which is = 200-20 = 180; then you need to do same with the second discount but with the new price 180*0.25 which is 180 – 45 = 135. To find total discount now you need to take 135/200 = 0.675 or 67.5! now subtract 100 – 67.5 = 32.5. I hope this helps!


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