GMAT Test Center – A Guide to Success when taking the GMAT - Videos


What to expect when you take the GMAT exam: A video tour of a GMAT Test Center.
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  1. Did anyone else get the up next video fergie fergalicious ?! How in god's name do these two videos link ?
    Anyway, my test is this Thursday, I am really praying hard I do well. What pisses me off though is that this test is no indication of motivation, ability and skill..What about the people who have "standard test" anxiety? I am doing excellent in my MBA however knowing that this test will determine whether i get into a PhD program or not is scaring the living crap out of me …

  2. I'm from Germany, mechanical engineer and part-time entrepreneur (programming apps for smartphones). planning to do my MBA and yes, I think this test is….more or less useless for me =) but okay, it is necessary as an objective value for the bschools…

  3. The video is helpful, but all that "testing experience" talk toward the end makes me think about Portal. I will be especially weary if they offer me cake :)

  4. Taking mine in 2 days and I already picked out a date for the second time. This test is too expensive and ridiculous, I took a bunch of the FINRA series tests and they were much easier compared to this test! ARRRGGGHHHH

  5. The MOST awfull thing I ever did in my life_I am taking the exam tomorrow, the worst feeling ever. I am shaking like I am in tornado zone!!! Is like the correct comparison here_sh*t :(

  6. what keyboard is used in the testcenters?? Always an english one? I consider to take the test in France, but the different order of keys on the keyboard might lose a lot of time by writing..


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