GMAT Tuesday: All About GMAT Scores - Videos


This week we take a break from learning strategies and cover an important topic—GMAT scores. I look at the different scores you’ll receive on the test, the mean scores, and everything else you’ll need to know to better understand your GMAT score.

When you take the GMAT, you won’t get just one score: you’ll get five different scores after you take the test! Here are the scores you’ll get:

AWA (Writing Section) Score: this ranges from 0 – 6, and goes up in half point increments. The average score is 4.3.

Integrated Reasoning (IR) Score: this score ranges from 0 – 8, and goes up in one point increments. The mean score is 4.3.

Quantitative Score: this score goes from 0 – 60. The average score is 38.

Verbal Score: this score also goes from 0 – 60, and the mean is 27.

Full GAMT Score: this score goes from 200 – 800. The mean is 550. This score is made up only of the verbal and quantitative section (the IR and AWA scores don’t count towards your full score). This is the score that schools will pay the most attention to!

Be excellent to the universe! 😀

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  1. hi Kevin: thanks for the vdo…a great one! I was wondering to ask, is it really matter if I have below average score in AWA and IR section? Please let me know what you think. Is it really necessary to spend much attention in these sections on test day??


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