GMAT Verbal – Sentence Correction – The Bracketing Technique - Videos


Sentence Corrections on the GMAT verbal section test your ability to identify correct and effective English expression. Sometimes that’s easier said than done — especially when the test-makers disguise grammar errors with fluff language, prepositional phrases, and other misleading information. This video segment introduces you to a useful technique for wading through the confusion and zeroing in on the important points of English grammar that will enable you to get right answers on even the most difficult of Sentence Correction question, so that you can dominate the GMAT!



  1. Good point, hackingtime88 — you would actually rewrite the entire sentence on your scratch paper. The Bracketing Technique becomes a mindset — something you eventually are able to do in your head. That said, you can write the "I like cake…" version of the sentence on your scratch paper just to confirm that it sounds right and that the grammar works. That definitely won't take too much time, and in fact writing stuff on your scratch paper should be a regular part of how you take the GMAT.

  2. What if there are no commas in the sentence. What if it is:
    We should support those proposals for increasing OR REDISTRIBUTING (A) tax money THAT (B) WILL RAISE (C) the per pupil expenditure in our cities and EQUALIZE THEM (D) throughout the public school system. NO ERROR (E)



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