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The 25 Horses Puzzle:
There are 25 horses. What is the minimum number of races needed so you can identify the fastest 3 horses? You can race up to 5 horses at a time, but you do not have a watch.

As this question is a bit vague, here is a more precise version you can solve.

Google Interview Question (with more details)
There are 25 mechanical horses and a single racetrack. Each horse completes the track in a pre-programmed time, and the horses all have different finishing times, unknown to you. You can race 5 horses at a time. After a race is over, you get a printout with the order the horses finished, but not the finishing times of the horses. What is the minimum number of races you need to identify the fastest 3 horses?
In this video: Google Interview Question – The 25 Horses Puzzle , I have tried to simplify the problem statement of ” The 25 Horses Puzzle” which is a “Google Interview Question”
At the 2nd part of the video i have discussed one of many wrong solutions to the ” The 25 Horses Puzzle”
At the 3rd part of the video i have discussed the solution to this “Google interview question”
I tried to simplify as much as possible to give a insight to solve similar problems like “The 25 Horses Puzzle”
I will upload similar videos in my channel soon.
Already i have uploaded few similar videos.
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  1. the video is nice. But there is a problem. the problem is once I saw a duster in your hand but it is not seen to erase anything by the duster.It seems a little bit awkward, doesn't it?? so don't take it as criticism, I hope you will be conscious enough about this small problems…best of luck👍👍

  2. যারা ম্যাথ ভালোবাসে তাদের জন্য তোমার এই ভিডিওগুলা আসলেই কাজে দেবে খুব। ধীর স্থির ভাবে বুঝাইছো এটা সবচাইতে ভালো দিক। যে কেউ বুঝবে। এরকম ভিডিও আরও চাই 💜


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