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1) 0:52 At GREedge, we track a lot of data about a student and the way they prepare.
In fact we track every millisecond to ensure every student gets the most personalized GRE training ever!
And today, we’re going to answer How to score 320+ in GRE in 30 days by using actual data from real students who actually scored a 320+ in GRE in 30 days!
Sounds exciting?
Are you ready?
Let’s go!
Let’s look at how much time people take to score the magical 320+ in GRE in 30 days
Here’s the data!

2) 1:15 As you can see, out of a random sample of a 1000+ 320+ scorers in GRE,
we found that most of the students who score 320+ in GRE prepare for
45-90 days!
But, there are at least 200+ students who achieved a 320+ in GRE in just 30 days.
What did they do differently? More importantly, how can you do it too?
Let’s find out!

3) 1:41 As you know, the GRE has two parts –
the Quantitative Section or GRE Math section
The Verbal Section or GRE English section
So, if you’re aiming for a 320+ in GRE in 30 days,
how much time should you spent everyday preparing for GRE?
Based on our 320 in GRE in 30 scorers, they have spent approximately
2.5 hours/day to prepare for GRE.
1 hour & 15 mins on Quant &
1 hour & 15 mins on Verbal!
It might sound like a long time, especially if you’re a working professional,
but with a proper & systematic study plan you can prioritize topics & prepare effectively! In fact, here’s what a 327 Scorer in GRE had to say about his daily preparation:
If you’re really curious and you want to see a 30-day study plan for a 320+ in GRE,
then you can download a FREE eBook that shows you how to plan, prioritize & complete the GRE syllabus in the description below!
So, 3 hours – sounds simple enough… but what should you actually be studying in these 3 hours everyday?

4) 2:45 Let’s look at Quants first!
In the Quantitative Reasoning Section, there are 6 main topics:
Data Interpretation
Data Analysis
Applied Maths
Although 320+ scorers in GRE spend their time pretty consistently across all sections, we can see that:
Geometry & Arithmetic are two places where people spend more time relatively.
Geometry and

5) 3:07 Wait, what about the most important aspect of your GRE preparation i.e your GRE Verbal?
Let’s talk about that in detail!
Did you look at the graph?
Students spend a whopping
of their Verbal preparation time on GRE RC!
It comes as no surprise as GRE RC actually forms 50% of your GRE Verbal questions too!
Yes, that’s right.
10 out of 20 questions in GRE Verbal
is based on RC passages!
Now, even though we’ve covered Quant & Verbal, there’s still one thing missing…
Can you guess what that is?
That’s right,

6) 3:45 GRE WORDS
If you’re wondering,
“How many GRE words should I master?”
Then, the data-driven answer to that question would be:
612 GRE Words in 30 Days!
That’s approximately 20 words per day!

GREedge Pro Tip:
If you’re finding it difficult to master 20+ words in a single day, start small! Try learning 5 words at a time while you’re travelling or waiting for a friend and then slowly build your stamina!

7) 3:58
Finally, there’s another important aspect to scoring a 320+ in GRE and that’s nothing but the famous ‘practice’
In the last two weeks leading up to their GRE, 320 in 30 scorers usually take up At least 1 Full Length, GRE Style Practice Tests
However, we should tell you now that these students actually take a GRE Style test after every topic to test their mastery on that topic.
So, you can expect close 14-15 GRE tests in each section!

8) 4:26 So, let’s quickly recap!
Firstly, you will need 2.5 hours in a day to prepare for a 320+ in just 30 days
In these 2.5 hours, for a particular section like Geometry, for example, spend about 45 minutes – 1 hour in learning the concepts & techniques and the next 45 minutes taking a GRE-style test on that particular topic. Once you’re done with the topic, spend the next 20-30 minutes understanding where you did great & where you did wrong! This will help you master the topic before rushing to the next one!
In GRE Verbal, work towards becoming an RC champion! It’s okay to spend even half of your prep time on RC as half of GRE Verbal has RC.
Practice to perfection – take at least 2 GRE Style Mock Tests at the same time as your GRE exam.
And lastly, target mastering 20+ GRE words per day!





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