GRE Math Lessons, Test Preparation Review, Practice Questions, Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Study Guide - Videos


This video tutorial provides gre math lessons that can help you prepare for your upcoming test. It contains plenty of examples and practice questions with solutions full of tips, tricks, and strategies to help you do well on this exam. This Gre test preparation review tutorial contains 40 multiple choice questions with an additional 95 questions in another video.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Quantitative Comparison Questions
2. Multiple Choice Questions
3. Data Interpretation Problems – Bar Graph, Pie Chart, & Data Table
4. Select all that apply questions
5. Fractions – Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing
6. Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
7. Decimal to Fractions and Percentage Word Problems
8. Averages, Arithmetic Mean, Median, Mode and Range
9. System of Linear Equations With Two Variables
10. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
11. Solving Quadratic Equations By Factoring
12. Using the Quadratic Formula
13. Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle
14. Surface Area and Volume of a Cylinder
15. Properties of Exponents
16. Ratios, Proportions, Rates, and Percent Based Word Problems
17. Probability – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Marbles
18. Probability – With and Without Replacement
19. Geometric Shapes – Rectangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone – Area, Perimeter, Surface Area, and Volume
20. Area of shaded region
21. Working Together Algebra Word Problems
22. Simplifying Complex Fractions
23. Solving Absolute Value Equations With Linear Inequalities
24. Simplifying Square Root and Radical Expressions With Decimals
25. Scientific Notation to Decimal Review
26. Pythagorean Theorem – Special Right Triangles
27. 30-60-90 Triangle and 45-45-90 Triangle Ratios
28. Unit Conversion and Rates
29. Intersecting Lines, Vertical Angles, Complementary & Supplementary Angles
30. Segment Addition Problems
31. Area of Sector and Arc Length of a Circle
32. Decimal to Fraction Examples
33. Composite and Prime Numbers
34. Slope Intercept Form – Graphing Linear Equations
35. Graphing Linear Inequalities – Shading
36. Algebraic Sentences into Equations
37. Even and Odd Consecutive Integers
38. Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters Word Problems
39. Simple Interest Algebra Word Problem
40. Age Related Word Problems – Past, Present, Future
41. Parallel and Perpendicular lines
42. Evaluating Algebraic Functions
43. Distance, Rate, Time Word Problems
44. Average Speed Word Problems
45. Permutations and Combinations
46. Fundamental Counting Principle
47. Standard Deviation Calculations
48. Probability Distribution, Statistics, Normal Distribution




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