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*Download Somya’s 45-Day GRE Study Plan here for 333 Score*

Do comment if you want to have any topic on GRE to be discussed in the Live event.

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Calling all the MS Aspirant out there! You cannot miss this!

333 in GRE, MS Admits from Harvard, Princeton, Columbia & Oxford, 79000$ Of Scholarships – Meet Somya Bajaj who got them all!

The event of the year is here, mark your calendars for

WHEN: 9 PM, 25th June 2018

WHERE: GREedge Facebook page ( )

Join us as shares her incredible journey from a 310 in GRE to living the dream of every MS aspirant​ in a Facebook ​LIVE event. ​

​Why should you attend?

Let’s have a look at the Agenda:

1. GRE Tips for 330+ Score

2. How to build a Profile for top 10 Admits

3. How to secure funding for your MS

4. Tips & Techniques you cannot afford to miss

And what not?

Quick Recap of The Incredible Journey:

June 2016: Goal set for Toughest Admit (Harvard, Princeton) in the world.

September 2016: Dejected with 310 in GRE

*Enter GREedge*

October 2016: Retake the GRE for one last time. The Big Battle


December 2016: Apply to the best schools in the world.


1) Admits from Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, London School of Economics.

2) Scholarship: 40000$

3) Stipend: 39000$

August 2017: Fly off to Princeton University, USA

Can it get any better?

Stay tuned for more updates here:

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