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In this video GRE preparation for beginners, we have Naman Maheshwari , explaining us about gre preparation and its structure
as he explained gre exam is consist of three section
1. Is quant
2 is AWA – which is writing section
3 is Verbal section

In AWS is important section – where you need to understand the question first and practice can help you in achieving this section.
unless you have practice in attempting question phrases will not come to your mind during the gre exam.
one should take care of Grammatical errors during the exam and don’t try to use more easy points and logical once

the quant section is the mathematic section, the curriculum is very easy and very similar to your school , but practice of formulas and tricks to solve question quickly is very important.

the verbal is the once which is very challenging it has two section
one is vocabulary part which consist of text completion and sentence equivalence and the other part is reading comprehension in which you have to give answer to question.

here in vocabulary part it is very important of understand meaning of the words and where and how the can be used.

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