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In series of video GRE preparation in 40 days Annu Aprajita a B-tech and graduate from Delhi college of engineering Is sharing her experience of preparing GRE with all the GRE aspirants out there, she took GRE coaching from best GRE coaching in Delhi Mja Mahavira Jain academy, according to her GRE coaching in Delhi NCR is pretty challenging to choose , to choose which GRE coaching she should take she , she considers to take Gre coaching from MJA which the best gre coaching in Delhi NCR
In the video, she is talking about her preparation for quant, verbal and mathematics
giving tips about vocabulary and gre books and gre online resources, she is tipped for are, she mentioned and advice that once should take specific time for Gre preparations may be 40 days or one month, are vocabulary 3000 words can be found online and can be prepared to get a good GRE score like 330 +
Gre online test will be very helpful for a good score 330+

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