Growing shadow of China in Indo-Pacific region – International Relations – Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  1. जय अखण्ड भारत जय माँ भारती
    अंतरराष्ट्रीय दुनिया का गुण्डा अर्थात चीन…इस गुण्डे की हरकतों से और कोई चिंतित हो न हो पर भारत को अवश्य चिंतित होना चाहिए…. चीन जितना ताकतवर होगा भारत के लिए उतना ही नुकसानदेह होगा….तिब्बत को हड़पने के बाद अब उसकी निगाह नेपाल व भूटान की ओर है…!!!

  2. Yes sir I have another viewpoint to contain China… some economic and trade cut with major economy…… since by military or quad formation the world can’t contain China..the thing which affect the China is his economy slowdown…

  3. If China is able to surround India from all direction , that because of pure failure of Indian foreign policy
    We failed to predict strategy of China since 1947 to till date. We failed persuade our immediate neighbouring countries for good cause to prevent chines new way of imperialism

  4. Here, Bastard China is trying to encircled India with string of pearls and has increased its activities in Indian ocean. China has given authority to manage gwador port of Pak near iran borders for next 40 years. Also there is CPEC which is invested by China . It is also said that China was working on strategy to expand its influence in Indian ocean to extract maximum benefit from it and indian hold in the region. China is also trying to breaking all the international norms and rules and regulations. And it is serious threats in the south China sea, which is China expected to raise civilian and military infrastructure at chosen points by creating manmade artificial islands across disputes areas of south China sea regions. Recently India has identified challenge from China's string of pearls and also successfully gained recession over developed it's strategic planning by a India's look east policy by PM Modi ji to counter China across indian ocean. By adopting several international pressures on china. Which US president Donald Trump also seriously warns to Begged foot china in order to stopping it's interference in the Indian ocean. One thing is that India is always a king of indian ocean, and this truth is must accepted by bastard china.

  5. QUAD country aur Any country ko mil kr china k market pr sanctions lgana chahiye quki wh ICJ ka decision nhi man rha hai Aur south China sea me Artificial iland bna dale hai , china ko rokna chahiye Ab sara Root Indian ocean waya malakka straight to Pacific ocean ko block kr dega . Ex.. abi kisi country ki ship south China Sea me jati hai to kahta hai hmar area hai , missile mar denge
    China world bhr me Apni colonies bnana chahta hai
    China Ko Rokna hoga Sare country ko mil kr buyout $ Sanctions lgana hoga And also more options dekhna chahiye


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