Hanging in the balance: What’s keeping women away from IIMs | education - News


In its 2016 post-graduate batch, 21.21% of students at IIM-Ahmedabad were women.

At IIM-Kozhikode, that number was 27%.

At IIM-Calcutta, there were only 76 woman students in a batch of 463.

When Kshama Shetty, 22, arrived at IIM-Indore for the group discussion round of the admission process last year, she felt intimidated. “I was the only girl in a group of 10,” she says. “The moderators were all men too.”

Shetty is currently in the second year of her post-graduate management course and the scenario, she says, is not too different from her GD day.

Though Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) have been trying for years to have more women in their classrooms, top Indian B- schools remain a picture of stark gender disparity. In its 2014 batch,…

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