Hardest Physics Classes I’ve Taken in Undergrad - Videos


Here’s a list of the top three most difficult physics courses I’ve taken throughout my undergraduate career. I can only speak for courses I’ve actually taken, which is why “Super Advanced String Membrane Relativistic Trigonometry” or something isn’t listed.



  1. I definitely struggled with QM II in which we covered chapter 5 to the end of Griffith's. The homeworks were super challenging and so were the exams. I also struggeld with EM while it seems a lot of people didn't. Classical mechanics tends to be a very difficult class even for people who started off as physics majors since it's the first "real" physics class that you take.

  2. What's your advice for me…?
    I'm also a physics major.(from India).
    I saw your every video…. (Video's are great).
    Can you tell me about….. Legendary and Hermite polynomial's and applications in QM & ED……………

  3. I think I'm in the same situation as you when it comes to atomic physics. At my university, this is called "advanced quantum", it's a fourth year course covering some of the concepts you mentioned like perturbation theory, and I haven't taken intro to quantum yet but I got permission to take advanced quantum as it is only offered every other year. If you were able to do this then I hope I will too. I'm also taking modern optics next term as a fourth year elective, however I'm only in my third year. I'm taking classical mechanics (w/ general relativity) this term, I heard it was super cool but not the easiest haha, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. At my uni, stat mech and thermo are two separate courses, I just did stat mech last term, it was sort of boring in my opinion, although it got kind of cool by the end when we started talking about bosons / fermion statistics, thermo seems like it's very different than any other types of physics. I'm really into math heavy stuff and theoretical physics, so I'm looking forward to this semester. Any idea on what you'll be doing after you graduate?

    Keep up the great videos dude!


  4. So, after I was convinced a year ago that physics is what I want to study. A few months later I found your channel. I have been watching your videos for a while now and I really like them ?
    I will update in a couple of years my journey 😀

  5. I am studying a level mechanics recently and i found it hard too. but another branch of mathematics course which is pure maths i's much easier though I cann't think of a reason why. Were you good at meths when you were in high school? Did you do any mechanics-like study back to that time?


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