Harvard Law School International Admissions - Videos


The basics of applying to Harvard Law School as an international applicant.
**CLARIFICATION** Even if you completed your Bachelor’s degree abroad, you may still be considered for the J.D. program. The LL.M. program is mainly for those lawyers, businesswomen, government officials, etc. who already have their country’s version of a law degree. (per the HLS website): “To be considered for the Harvard LL.M. program, an applicant must have a J.D. from an accredited U.S. law school or a first law degree (J.D., LL.B. or the equivalent) from a foreign law school.”
This video is specific to Harvard, but many other U.S. law schools have similar application requirements.
HLS L.L.M. application information: http://hls.harvard.edu/dept/graduate-program/llm-application-deadlines-and-materials/
TOEFL: https://www.ets.org/toefl
H&H Website: https://www.HarvardandHardshipLLC.com
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  1. Hey angel! Thank you for this! I am currently in undergrad senior doing my bachelors of Social Science. Can I still apply for a J.D at Harvard after I graduate?

  2. Hey! I´m a mexican student that would like to apply for Harvard Law School. When you finish high school, should I apply to a J.D or L.L.M  program, or what´s the process that I should follow in order to apply?  I suppose that first, in order to apply to Harvard Law school, I should appply to Harvard College? Thanks!

  3. Hi thank you very much for this video. I'm 17 and I live in France. I would like to be a lawyer in USA and not an international one. The fact is that I understood that with the two propositions you gave I can only be an international lawyer. Sorry if I understood badly and sorry for my terrible english. Thanks again and continue the videos.

  4. Thank you for great video! You said LLM is better for international students but I read somewhere that US lawfirms prefer people with JD degree and look at people with an LLM as foreigners and therefore do not offer so many employment opportunities for them. Is it true?

  5. I am an Indian student and I am in final year of my UG studies. My UG Course is of 3 years and I am taking the December LSAT for JD for the next fall of august 2018. Does my 3 year degree makes me ineligible for Harvard law school. And also i will b sending my 2 year academic transcript with application as my third year results will be out by June 2018. Does Harvard law school gives admission on provisional document basis until i will submit my original results by July 2018

  6. Hey angel❤May you also do a video on the LSAC website and how it works? I saw somewhere in the Harvard website that they want international students to send their documents to them and then LSAC will transfer them on behalf of the student. However LSAC does not accept my country (South Africa) since its not an EU country.?


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