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  1. Thanks for this, it really cleared up some things!
    What I am still not clear on:
    What do I do when I come from a school (and country for that matter) which doesn't offer the ACTs and SATs or IB and AP courses? We only have our own national exam (which is based on the H/IGCSE system). Do US universities accept these? Do I have to take the SAT/ACT? If so, how do I do that?

  2. Hey, can you make a video specifically for Canadian international students cause this one was a bit too vague. It would probably be beneficial for a lot of students as Canada is the largest “supplier” of international students in America.

  3. ADVICE NEEDED So I have done a lot of community service, organized a city-wide community project, was part of a national Camp MUN organizers team, and coached a televised MUN in my city. As far as curriculars go, I am pretty good at photography/video editing, but I don't have any achievements in that area. I also wrote an essay on human rights that was in top ten in my country. And then a lot of regional (state-level) academic contests in various areas, where I got 1-2-3rd. I was also a USDOS sponsored exchange student, but I got a 3 on AP Calc and a 2 on AP Comp, which are not great. My American hs wasn't very competitive. Got 1300 on my SAT, plan on retaking that. Should I even try? I know my parents won't be able to pay for my education if I get in. So idk what to do now. Should go to a community college or something first?

  4. Could you make a video about Americans going abroad for college? I'm going to be going to college in the UK and I'm curious about your take on it. I think there's a lot of good options that Americans don't consider. Once I opened my search to be the whole world, about half my options were outside the US in countries like the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, France, etc.

  5. Hi I'm an international student froma very under developed country. I really wanna study in the US
    Any university will do as long as its quite recognised but not being picky here.
    The only problem is in my shitty school there were no ECAs, no clubs absolutely nothing that can
    help with my admissions. I had to give my A Level math exam without a freaking math teacher, studying all on my own.
    yeah..that's how bad but I have so much passion to study abroad particualrly US.Unfortunately, my school does not
    provide any sort of counselling and so I'm really confused and lost trying to do this on my own. It would mean
    so much if someone could step up and help me with anything as I am quite desperate.
    Thank you soo much for reading this.

  6. The real challenge is getting a visa, actually the system in Mexico to get a visa is really unfair and racist, is a exhausting burocratic process that if you get admitted in any school there are the chances you don't attend because your visa probably is denied, and colleges actually don't help with the visa issue.

  7. As an international student, my school system is completely different and in my school there's no such thing as AP classes or honor classes nor the IB , how that will affect my opportunities of getting into a good/top university in the US? What other things can I do?

  8. I just disagree with the general idea of international students. If you’re coming from a country that has few universities if any then it’s totally fine, but it just seems like so many international students are taking spots at universities in the US and then returning to their countries. This goes for Americans too, Americans shouldn’t go get an education in another country and return to the US unless on a foreign exchange program. That’s just my opinion


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