(Hindi) 100 Important MCQs on General Science for SSC CGL - Videos


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In this course, Aman has hand picked important question important questions from previous year question papers and from NCERT, the questions for Science section. After solving these MCQs you will be able to score good marks in the general science section in the exam.

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  2. physics was the most horrific subject for me when i was in 11th,12th…i nvr understood the concepts. i remember my physics teacher still carries the same notebook whom she used to teach….that was horrific…i think she is still confused with wht she is teaching…
    thanks u sir i got my concepts cleared in 1hr. thnku so much:)

  3. your question 1 could be end being wrong as invention is credited to emile berliner 1876 but first to patent it was thomas edison 1877 and hughes is accredited with inventing it in 1878

  4. Dear Sir, its a good effort to make appraochabl to every student. Thanks, could you help us with a pdf copy of questions above discussed as it help us to cover whole the matter at a glance ??


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