(Hindi) 13 September 2017-The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis- [UPSC/ SSC/ RBI Grade B/ IBPS] - Videos


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  2. good evening sir, i want to ask one question related to main exam of civil service, of
    "COMMERCE AND ACCOUNTANCY " OPTIONAL PAPER – 1 , Is calculator allowed in this paper or not , please answer .

  3. Sir ek baar mera mobile kuch karan se bigad gaya to mai apne dost se kam chalane ke liye usse phone manga,to usne mujhe ek iphone ke lower series ka phone diya jisme bahot saari kharabi thi ,to usne bola kharaab to hai but jaha bhi baat karne ke liye to bahar nikaloge to kuch to jaroor dekh ke shock honge,phir mai sochne laga ki aesa kyo hai…kya hai isme….waste of rupees..?

  4. hello sir, i would like to explain the difference between regular and punctual with an example, lets say there is an employee in a factory, he may a be regular to work but not punctual as he may sometimes come late or early but if he is a punctual then he will definitely come to work on exact time, and that's punctuality to be on time. Thank you

  5. sir i want to say that plz give the answer in the objective questions that u have giveb for orelims in the website… i m talking about current afffairs question and answer plz sir upload the answer also…….

  6. Late as always ???
    And the most funny thing is about the 1st answer that i m going to write ????

    1• ☆Punctuality: arriving or doing something at the expected or planned time.
    ☆Regularity: a quality of being stable and predictable

  7. Sir I have a doubt about the composition of ₹100 coin.
    50% silver in composition kaise possible hai ?? Ye composition by weight hai agar toh 17gm silver which costs approx 41*17 rupees.
    Aur currency ki value ₹100 hogi. It's very confusing sir?. Please help me.

  8. Sir mera help kijia
    Me ek CBSE school me panta ho mere schools me registration fee 4500 rupe liya ja rha hai class 11 ka par cbse ke website par 150 rupe dikha rhe hai ham kya kare school wale man nhi rhe hai

  9. puntuality and regulalarity – this 2 terms differs from each other punctuality is something doing work at some particular time liuke going office at sharp 8 am doing yoga sharp 6 am etc at specific time with puntual behavuiour
    regularity is something work done on regular basis like for banki po students they have top solve puzzle and data intrepretation calculation at daily basis they can choose there timing acc to nthere choices timing can vary bt they do it r5egularly

    iphone i too think so that it has been takenb for maintaing standard in the society or in surroundings but this is also true that iphone have good features which normal android dont have clearity of voice gud qual;ity pictures etc

  10. 1.Punctuality
    >>> It means doing sth in proper time basis.
    >>>It means doing sth daily basis,no limit of time.
    3.Zoological Servey Of India(ZSI)
    >>>Established– 1st July 1916
    >>>H.Q— Kolkata
    >>>It comes under ministry of environment ,forest & climate change, govt. of India.
    >>>Aim—To promote the Servey Exploration & Research of fauna in religion.
    4.Millennium Development Goals include 8 goals ,21 target & 60 indicator for measuring progress b/w 1990 -2015.
    5.Sustainable Development Goals target is 2015 – 2030.
    >> It includes 17 Goals.

  11. Sir,
    I see the following things as the primary factors for less development rate.
    1. Kisaan karz maafi.2. GST.3. Rupee strenthens against dollar.4. Demonetisation.
    And some other reasons also stated by many other students.
    Thank you.

  12. Hello sir,you asked about i-phones today so i am giving my perspective regarding the use of i-phones and guy's it's just my personal perspective so don't take it seriously – In my opinion it is one of the most easy instrument in the era of electronics i am saying it because i also used it before some months and i didn't find anything exciting in that basically this is the instrument which is made for illiterate peoples so that they can easily access the thing by using only an single button.And yes definitely in today's scenario it's a attraction for the good economic background people because we all made it superior and now it's really tough to aware the people to don't buy the i-phones 🙂 🙂

  13. ANSWERS:-
    1. difference between Punctuality and regularity are
    # Punctuality means being on exact time what decided is. eg:-if u are going to start a work at 9'o clock then work should start at sharp 9'o clock,no delay at all.
    # Regularity means loop, means no absence,it should be continuously.

    2. Sustainable development goal-
    target->2015-2030 having 17 Goals.
    Millennium development goal-
    target->2000-2015 had 8 Goals

  14. I-phone log khud se jyada logo ko dikhane k liye kharidate hai or khud ki jeb khali karate hai , I-phone na leke un peso se bahot ku6 kharida ja sakata hai jo chij apane desh me rahe or pese bhi desh me rahe ,na ki pese desh to hai nai or dushre desh ko dene chale vo bhi logo ko dikhane k liye, pahele apana socho yar log bhukh mari me tumko khana dene nahi aane vale , log to sirf bolate hai kisi k liye karate nahi, jab paise nahi honge or samne i-phone pada hoga to i-phone khaoge kya , tab ahesas hoga ki i-phone ke pese padhai me lagaye hote to achchhi si job hoti hath me , or ye din nahi aate ,DON' WEST YOUR MONEY or time FOR I-Phone

  15. Regularity can be judged over a period of time while punctuality can be judged in a short interval of time also. For instance if we meet an unknown person, he cannot judge whether we are regular or not but he can definitely judge whether we are punctual or not in a day's meet.

  16. IPhoneX ho ya Xx jab Job krungi tavi use krengi… Avi bs ek mobile kafi h students ke lie….Kya fayda h mom & Dad ke pesho ko baha kr … Jis din layak hungi tab sab apna h…. Or wese v kitna v mehnga ho mobile ya sasta ho… Inshan ko apna Niyat accha rakhna chahie…. ?


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