(Hindi) Crash Course Indian Geography: Rivers of India and Drainage System for UPSC-CSE Aspirants - Videos


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Reading books is one thing but watching videos including beautiful pictures is another which retain much. So here’s an extremely important topic for UPSC CSE. This course is a compilation of all the major rivers of India with detailed explanation which are important from exam perspective. Disputes regarding particular river, current happenings and some UPSC and state PSC’s previous year questions have also been discussed. After watching these lessons, no need to read the chapters of drainage of class 9th and 11th Geography NCERTs or any other kind of book regarding Indian rivers. Everything is covered comprehensively. One can easily ace all the questions from this topic.Tags: Geography for UPSC CSE, Geography syllabus for UPSC CSE, UPSC exam, UPSC online, Current Affairs, UPSC CSE free videos, IAS syllabus, IAS questions, CSE exam, CSE syllabus, State CSE, Geography Optional for IAS, UPPSC prelims, UPPSC mains, G.K. for SSC-CGL, Railways exam, SSC CGL, UPPSC geography optional, PCS.

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  1. mam i have also gone through bhumika saini mam class on drainage system in india lecture ..what i found that u have left some river ur lecture and she had also left some river in her lecture..so mam i m confused to which should i follow..or which is more important as per our upsc exam??


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