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Fresh update on the current affairs for 29th October 2017.
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  1. sir it's right k agar society apne me badlav leke aa jaye to govt me khud badlav aa jayega kyuki govt bani to society se hi hai economical political social jitni bhi kamiya hai agar society apne se suru kare sabko sahi karne k liye to sab thik ho jayega

  2. Sir aap please apne political views na de atleast while educating through this platform. It would be better if u just keep it to the point. There is no need to complement gov. We all know what's going on in this country

  3. Government can make rules but cannot change the behaviour of society as for example dowry system is illegal since many years but in behaviour it is still present we can take another example such liquor ban in bihar but if society decides it can change many more things as chipko movement there are so many examples of such incidents

  4. Read all comments….Points taken!!
    but can we say that government cant change anything??? What if Government ensures that all citizens get educated…dont you think that it will have a very positive effect on the society.
    Government also does campaign for awareness like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao..and it has increase sex ratio.
    Same goes with electrification, crime declaration…

    Will include this discussion in tomorrow video.

  5. It is true that the society can change the government because the state have its own sovereign power . And the sovereignty is the main part in the political theory , it has the power to make the law and can emplie the Indian constitution also . It can change the government also

  6. BOTH CAN CAN CHANGE EACH OTHER, GOVERNMENT are trying to change the behavior of our society to make it open defecation free, other than that if government will focus on education and RTE ko completely apply kar de to it may be possible that thinking of our society got changed and as we all know that society play an important role to change and choose any government.


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