History & Myth ASMR | The Odyssey Part 4: The Song of the Sirens / Council of the Gods - Videos


We’re back in the ancient Mediterranean with Odysseus in part 4.
He’s just returned from Hades, where he sought wisdom from Tireseus, to know how to return to Ithaca, despite Poseidon’s best attempts to keep him adrift in foreign lands. Him and his men now must venture through the deadly cliffs (home to two equally terrifying monsters) in order to find Sicily, the isle of the Sun God.

Once again, Odysseus and his men must wisely negotiate goddesses, hell (Hades), and fate itself in this Greek adventure of myth, tales, lore, history, Greek Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes.

Playlist of the entire book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd39SD9N6eQ&list=PLVojBLpecXuW7y3HkqswNMLFgwmZph05U

As always, I want to seriously thank you for all your warm support these past couple years.

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  1. Many of your videos are very well put together. No bias, you are a prime example of an underrated channel and are deserving of more attention, especially in the ASMR community. Do you have any collaborations planned in the near future?

  2. Any plans for cyberpunk’s release?
    Maybe terms for electronics and technical terms and explanations for how some stuff works and prevents some hardware problems and systems?
    I’d be very interested in learning about machinery- I’ve studied some behavior and biology but never really touched machines till recently as I don’t really have any way to connect to them outside of some basic understanding of biology

  3. How cool it would be if your videous were in Russian. So I could not only fall asleep, but also understand the information. I'm very interested in your content, thanks for your work.


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