How do I get a top GMAT score? | All Your MBA Questions Answered - Videos


How do you get a “Harvard-level” GMAT or GRE score? What level of difficulty should you be prepared to face?

In this session, Jamie Nelson (99th-percentile 770 GMAT), our expert Manhattan Prep GMAT instructor, shows you the toughest content on both tests and strategies for succeeding at these levels. 

What this “All Your MBA Questions Answered” Session offers:

– Familiarity with the breadth of quantitative and verbal skills tested, especially 700-level problems
– Experience implementing rigorous approaches to top-level problems

Questions we’ll answer:

– What level of difficulty are the topics on the GMAT if I want to get a top score?
– How do I approach the toughest topics on the GMAT?

Ideal for students who:

– Are at all levels of their exam preparation
– Are applying to top schools and need a competitive score



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