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★ Transcript
Hi, everyone! Welcome back to another lesson here at ForB’s English. I’m Gabriella and in today’s lesson you’re guessing what’s happening in the video, so let’s take a look.

So can you guess what’s happening in the video? You may have guessed that she’s finding something on the map, but today I would like you to express this in a different way: the verb phrase beginning with “l”, so what’s happening in the video? What is she doing?

Well, she is looking it up on the map. Now this is a typical expression when we are finding something on a 2D surface, especially a map or you may look something up in the dictionary, like an English word, but in this case, she is looking up a place on the map; a very useful expression, especially if you are going travelling.

So let’s practice this phrase a little bit now. Please repeat after me. She is looking it up on the map. Excellent. Let’s try it one more time. She is looking it up on the map. Excellent! Great job.

So next time you go traveling or you need to find a new place that you haven’t searched before, you can say “I’m going to look it up on the map.” Good luck everyone. Please like this video if you liked it and remember to subscribe to our channel. See you next time.

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