How to calculate Simple Interest quickly? - Videos


Simple Interest is an important topic in Quantitative Aptitude Segment from competitive examinations perspective. In competitive exams like Bank (IBPS, SBI, RBI, NABARD) PO and Clerk Exams, SSC Exams, Insurance Exams, Railway Board Exams, CSAT, State Government Competitive Exams, MBA Entrance Exams (CAT, SNAP, MAT, XAT), etc., you will find a question asked every year from this topic and hence, is a crucial topic. The value of money is not constant. It changes. When borrowed today, it should be paid tomorrow with an extra charge that is known as Interest. If the interest on a sum borrowed for a certain period is reckoned uniformly, then it is called Simple Interest. This video will help you in understanding the basic concepts of ‘Simple Interest” and formulas to quickly attempt these questions in competitive exams. So, learn the shortcuts and tricks to solve Simple Interest questions quickly and with accuracy within a short span of time.



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