How to Check Lone Pairs on any atom ? – By Vineet Khatri - Videos


Checking lone pair on any atom is very easy.

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  1. in last example of ch3o- ,oxygen has 6 valance electron out of which only 1 is shared with methyl so it will have 3 lone pair ( 2 from his valence electron and 1 from negative charge ) then where is the 1 electron of oxygen??? i think there is nothing like half lone pair??

  2. Sir ya toh ye shortcut kar sakte hai jaise Ch3O(h2) + toh normal method se humare pass 3 electrons bachh gye . Similarly Ch3O- me normal method se humare pass 5 electrons ho gaye .
    Ab hum + me n-1 aur (-) charge me n+1 use karenge .
    Isse Ch3Oh2 + me 2 e- = 1 lone pair aa gye
    aur Ch3O- me 6 e- = 3 lone pair aa gye

    I know sir , normal method nhi kehna chahiye thee being it a fundamental concept


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