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How to Crack CAT Exam | Cat preparation | IIM interview Tips

This video is an IIM interview experience by satbir Singh, he scaring his iim interview experience after getting a respectable score in cat exam
In this video he giving tips how to get a good score in Cat exam and how to nail IIM Interview, you can use this video as reference for iim interview and analyse the intensity of the interview

he had a written ability test and personal interview in hi IIM call
The exact standard of the Writing Assessment Test (WAT) may vary from college to college, but the base remains the same. They look for an essay that has clarity, structure and follows the general rules of writing any essay.

The only added constraints compared to normal essays are of limited time and space. The word limit is usually around 200-400 words and time to attempt is about 20-30 minutes.
he was a lot of question in is IIM interview like why IIM, Why MBA, How to ace in cat exam, he had a stressed interview, where he was asked to do company based calculation, but he handled properly they also asked him why they should select him for IIM Bangalore ,
then he asked question if he has some question for them

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