How To Crack IAS Prelims in 3 Months Without Coaching (Amol Shinde) - Videos


In This Video Lecture We Are Learning, How to Crack IAS Prelims Exam in Three Months Without Coaching,

We Are Discussing About UPSC/IAS Syllabus, Books Required For UPSC, Test Series And Other Essentials to Crack IAS Prelims in shortest span.

Here We Are Providing Complete Guide To Crack IAS Prelims in Easiest Way Possible ….

Believe Yourself, You Can Easily Pass Prelims If You Follow Some Steps Regularly (which are discussed In This Video….For Example reading & taking notes, Underlining Important Keywords From Book, Solving Questions Daily )

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  1. सर इतने रुपयो मे तो एक बुक भी नही आता है, आपने हमे बहुत अच्छी टेस्ट सेरीज बता दी, आपका बहुत धन्यवाद…… !!!

    love you Amol Sir….Keep Uploading Great content….

  2. Sir thanks for detail explanation …..
    I Joined speedup test series ,very informative, it is worth for money ….Speedup NCERT Based and previous year questions are very helpful for me … .Now i came to know how to crack this exam…

  3. Speedup test series i am already using …..its the best test series i ever have …..I can crack prelims this time only…..

    Video lectures from unacademy are good some of them are bored but have to study no option ….

    Thanks Amol shinde


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