How to Crack IIT Without Coaching #1 || KOTA ke NOTES || NEET Without Coaching || - Videos


JEE/NEET Without Coaching #1 is a new Series where we will tell you how to prepare for iit jee without coaching / how to prepare for neet without coaching. In this series we will give you some tips an some extra help related to study motivation and types of material to follow and what to do at each step.



  1. Kya sab ko iit jee aur neet ki preparation hee karni hai kya really ?? Aur koi career ni hai kya mein toh aaj kal har educational channel par yahi sab dekh raha hu . What about army , law officer, ias , navy, airforce , cyber security etc. Why only engineering aur doctor sheep herding ki tarah. Jab hume pata hai ki iit mein sirf 10000 log hee jaa sakte hai har saal . Toh fir kyu hum sirf iit mein jaane ke baat karte hai. Koi bhi new ideas aur entrepreneurship ki baat hee ni karta 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  2. सर, आपको भगवान दुनिया के सारी खुशियाँ दे दे आप के ज्ञान और (निस्वार्थ)सेवा की डंका पूरे भारत लाभ ले .. आपकी ही असली में कर्म पूजा बन रहा है🌹🌹🌹
    आपकी जिंदगी खूब आसान हो..☺☺
    Hat's off to you Sir

  3. Sir I have found some dealers from that market …..
    And they are selling this material at OLX website …but asking for advance payment…. So we can trust to them or not?

  4. Arihant, hc verma, dc pandey etc ke books sare important cheeze related to iit jee is given in this books no need any kota notes. I am also preparing for it without coaching.


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