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Imran Ahmad (roll no. 682103; पुलिस उपाधीक्षक, रैंक 6; category-general )cracked the UKPSC exam and secured the position of DSP in his first attempt at the prestigious exam (2012 PSC exam, advertised in 2014, mains exam held in 2016 and UKPSC interviews held May-June 2017; result published on 27 July 2017). In this one hour interview and seminar with students, Imran Ahmad explains what it takes to clear the Uttarakhand public service commission exam (UKPSC) and also answers questions from Uttarakhand exam aspirants and other aspiring civil servants.

► तैयारी के सभी पहलुओंहोर्त पे विडियो देखें
► रोजाना न्यूज़ एनालिसिस देखें

MARKS SCORED BY Uttarakhand topper IMRAN in Mains exam: The marks he scored in the seven papers -Uttarakhand PSC in Mains is 107 (language; प्रथम प्रश्नपत्र ‘भाषा’ से सम्बंधित है। इसमें सामान्य हिंदी, सामान्य अंग्रेजी एवं निबंध लेखन से सम्बंधित प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं। ), 116 (History; भारत का इतिहास, राष्ट्रीय आन्दोलन, समाज एवं संस्कृति),103 (Polity; भारतीय राजव्यवस्था, सामाजिक न्याय एवं अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संबंध’), 119 (Geography; भारत एवं विश्व का भूगोल’), 116 (Economics; आर्थिक एवं सामाजिक विकास), 85 (Science and Tech; सामान्य विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी) and 142 (mat_eth_m; सामान्य अभिरुचि एवं आचार शास्त्र). His Uttarakhand PSC interview marks were 124. This is sourced from the UKPSC (Haridwar) official result document ‘Marks obtained by Candidate PCS (Main) Exam’.

CLEARING THE STATE SERVICE EXAM OF A STATE OTHER THAN YOUR OWN: Drishti IAS executive editor (media) Shri Amrit Upadhyaya begins the interview discussion with the UKPSC topper with the question on domicile and how it affects preparation and chances when it is not your own state service. Imran (who is from Lucknow in UP) tactfully says that this question was also bothering him especially when he was readying himself for the UKPSC interview board (after clearing Uttarakhand Mains in the UKPCS result)but he solaced himself by saying that when a person from Uttarakhand (Shri Adiyanath Yogi) can become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (UP) then why can’t a person like him (from UP) become a civil servant in Uttarakhand. Imran says that there is no discrimination and the interview board wants that they get the best candidates. Were there doubts in his mind while appearing for the Uttarakhand PSC interview? He says yes (there was ‘duvidha’) but you don’t have to exhibit it before the interview board.

ON PREPARING FOR UPSC AND PSCs SIMULTANEOUSLY: Imran says that there is a difference in nature between PSCs and UPSC; facts matter more at the PSCs unlike in the UPSC civil services exam. Imran says that an integrated approach to preparing is preferable and the first target should be UPSC (and not the state services) as it is the greater exam (If you target ‘chand’, the moon, you may reach Chandani chowk at least, he says). If your exam preparation is enough you will clear exams, there is not a lucky draw here. So aim for the bigger exam and smaller exams will be part of your big strategy and preparation therefore.

FROM ENGINEERING TO CIVIL SERVICES: Imran (he is an M.Tech and has a good rank in GATE) says that he is the youngest among his seven brothers with father as Mathematics teacher. So there was a mathematical atmosphere at home. He studied Mathematics, prepared for IIT, cleared State Engineering services (Jhansi),was impressed by the film Swades (and wanted to do something like a public tubewell for villagers, work for NASA etc.), appeared in GATE exam and got admission in IIT Roorkee (civil engineering department) where his elder brother earlier studied (who went to the US after it). In 2011, it was the age of ‘India Against Corruption’ and after a talk with a rickshaw puller(who had resigned to fate and poverty), he had decided to do something for social change.

IMRAN ANSWERS STUDENTS QUESTIONS ON UTTARAKHAND PSC PREPARATION—Imran handles many questions related to Uttarakhand exam syllabus, uttarakhand PSC exam interview, Mains preparation, PSC prelims preparation such as ‘how to manage time, how to do revision for the exam, how to study about the state, how to prepare for Uttarakahnd GS and syllabus, problems faced in the interview, benefits of online test series for UPSC and PSCs, how to avoid depression due to repetitive failures during civil services exam preparation years, generalists vs specialists debate at the civil services and so on. Imran has been associated with Drishti since 2014 (test series for PT and Mains, Vikas Divyakirti nibandh or essay classes). Imran is also contributing to the Uttrakhand distance learnign programme of Drishti IAS.



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