How To Keep Yourself Motivated During IAS Exam Preperation | UPSC CSE Motivation - Videos


All things in this universe are created twice, once in your mind and then in the physical world. The first time was that day. Then began the hard work of day in-day out studies.
There will be moments of doubt, depression and stress quite often. To tackle it, you can run in the mornings, meditate and exercise. Sometimes, you would lose patience to go on. Then, you should write on a paper as to why you had started all this and this would provide you the motivation to move forward with more enthusiasm. Whenever you feel lethargic, check the newspaper and problems faced by various sections of society and think as to how could you help.
This will give you a sense of urgency to get into that position. Keep motivated and keep calm nobody in this world is stronger then you, you just have to believe in yourself.



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