How to memorize vocabulary words fast in urdu / hindi. - Videos


Quick Tips on how to improve your English Vocabulary Skills. This video will give you some interesting tips and techniques which will help you to build a better English Vocabulary. These tips are easy and practical to use and will help you in increasing your knowledge of English words. This video on English vocabulary in Hindi is a part of full English training course. So let’s start with the transcript of this video on how to improve vocabulary in India. The first point in this vocabulary building tutorial is to learn while reading. The more you will face words, the more will be your vocabulary. At times, if you do not know the meaning of the word in the sentence, you can find the meaning of the word from the meaning of the sentence. This way you will be able to remember the word and gradually you will improve vocabulary. Second point in this video on how to improve vocab is Repetition. Scientifically, if a person repeats any word for 15-20 times in a sentence. So whenever you come across any new word, you can write it down in your mobile or notepad. You can keep checking your list of new words and their meanings, and keep using those words in meaningful sentences. Imagine if you keep learning few words everyday, you will be build a vocabulary of more than 1500 words in a year. Third tip in this video of english vocabulary in hindi is to keep a dictionary handy. You can download a free dictionary in your smartphone or keep a pocket dictionary with you. Fourth point amongst the english vocabulary tricks is to play around. There are so many games which can help you to improve and practice english vocabulary. So you can play games like boggle, crossword or scrabble to learn new words everyday. Fifth point in this english vocabulary improving videos is to keep writing up. If you exercise your muscles, you get strong biceps and you look good. Similarly if you keep exercising your writing skills, you will get strong vocabulary and your english will look good. You can write a journal or blog. You can also find opportunities to write emails, notice etc. in your school, college or organization. Last point in this video on how to improve english vocabulary is to use whatsapp. you can make a group on whatsapp and name it as ‘word o the day’. You can post a new words everyday and share its meaning with friends. The same word can be used in different sentences in your whatsapp group – word of the day. These tips can be helpful for students preparing for GRE, CAT or other exams in India or abroad. Many a times in my training programs or seminars students ask me tips and tricks to improve vocabulary without doing hard work. My advice to each one of you is that there is no substitute to hard work and practice. You should try to spend time on these tips and other methods of improving vocabulary. Please feel free to write your comments and suggestions on this vocabulary video in hindi / urdu.



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