How to Prepare Economics for UPSC IAS 2019 Exam - Videos


With proper planning, strategy and guidance, about what to read and what not to read, the target of qualifying UPSC IAS exam can be achieved.

To help you out with this we have brought this open session on preparing Economics for Prelims and Mains examination.

The video elaborates on the books and material that one should read. How to integrate current affairs with traditional topics. How to focus on smart work rather than just hard work.

Watch the complete video to know answers!



  1. Most of things are good and well guided. But, don’t misguide aspirants about the chances if any takes more than 2/3/4. Serious attempts would be counted and no body will tell you that you are wasting your time or you are going to lose the confidence and enthusiasm after 2/3 and so on attempts. If you want this services by heart, attempts don’t matters, but what really matter is, how seriously you are attempting the paper and examination on the DAY. Each one has his/her own journey and time frame. Don’t lose your confidence and yourself. Although, it would be good to clear this exam as early of the age is possible.

  2. Regarding source, in 9 th NCERT, there are 4 chapters. This fellow wrote 1,2,3 and 4 . He could as well write "Entire book" just like the way he did for 11th…!!!


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