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How To Prepare For 100℅ ONLINE JEE (ADVANCED) by Vikas Joshi- In this session Vikas Joshi has explained about the new pattern of JEE advanced. From 2018, the JEE Advanced is going to be in the online mode. This session is going to be helpful for all the students who are going to appear for the JEE next year. Until now, the JEE was a pen and paper based exam where the students were supposed to fill the OMR sheet. Vikas has also explained the reason behind the change in this pattern. He has also explained the benefits and the limitations of this new pattern.

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  1. Sir please make a video on revision strategy for JEE 2018 along with boards assuming that syllabus of most aspirants get completed by December 2017 ideally.
    And great work sir ☺️☺️

  2. Sir it is a request that please arrange the topics in the playlist section in a better way so that it will be easy for us search for any topic directly and open it.
    Eg, If I want search any particular JEE Chapter , it takes me time. It would be better if you arrange the topics in alphabetical order or arrange the topics in different sections, eg. Maths, Physics, OC, PC etc and then add different chapters to the sections as sub-topics.


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