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Hello Friends, this is another video “How to prepare Maths” in the ongoing series “Perfect Preparation Strategy” for SSC CGL 2018 exam. In this video I have discussed the exact way for maths which needs to be followed by the aspirant.

Get Rid of the Loser Mindset
1. Yaar maths very hard, I can’t do it.
2. I am not from science/engineering background, this is not my cup of tea.
3. I am poor in maths I cannot improve it.
4. Thik hai, dekh lenge. (alright, I’ll see).

Paper Scheme

1. Conceptual Clarity – Basic Level
Go for NCERT or Kiran
2. Practice A lot – Mains Level
Go for other exam oriented books.
Mock Test

Why Practice??
1. Only concepts or formulas won’t help
2. Practice makes grip over variety of questions.
3. With practice, you will attain speed with accuracy which is very
essential with exam point of view.

Where to Practice
Booklist & Resources
1. NCERT CLASS 8,9,10
2. SSC Mathematics Chapterwise Solved Papers 1999 – till date –Kiran Publication
3. — Fastrack Arithmetic – Rajesh Kumar Verma
— Quicker Maths – M. Tyra
— Quantum CAT – Sarvesh Kumar
— Rakesh Yadav Class Notes

1. Mothers education hub
2. KD campus
3. Paramount

I have also discussed “The roadmap” in my previous video of this series.
Check it out at these link
‘The Roadmap’

‘The Strategy’

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