How to read better to improve score in Reading Comprehension for CAT exam? - Videos


In the reading comprehension section of CAT, the speed at which you read and the way in which you comprehend a passage decide how well you are likely to do in the CAT Verbal Ability section.

This video will, through examples, teach you how to read a passage, keeping CAT Reading Comprehension in mind. This style of reading may not be of good use for other purposes, but definitely will aspirants who wish to improve their CAT Verbal Ability scores.

On our website, there are many articles on reading comprehension. These are articles will teach more about RCs and how to approach them. Please find below the links of those articles:

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  1. Respected Sir, I have watched the complete video. It provided me enough insight how to skim the passage and how to pick key ideas. Before enrolling let me know what will be class time and day. Also when will workshop course start? Please reply. Thank you for such a beautiful explanation.

  2. Sir , I have enjoyed this session and would want to join VARC course for CAT . When it comes to VARC , I m pathetic . I want to improve myself and I strongly believe that I can improve in this section under your guidance .
    Please give more details on class timing , fees …..etc etc

  3. ThankQ sir ☺☺
    Your explanation is really going to be very useful while i will mess with #RC, para summary, main idea , inference e.t.c in just one video ☺☺😍😍
    If i was preparing foe CAT, I must join your courses offered by you.


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