How to score 99+ percentile in SNAP in 4 days? - Videos


Decode the secrets to score more than 99 percentile in 4 days and the strategy towards it.

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  1. Sir I have already watched all your videos and attented live session.But Sir Today I Give Mock of Snap and get only 35.
    It was my third Mock and i am consistently getting less mark. and that too when I am putting my Evey effort.
    I am feeling low.
    I Can't Believe that in Just 4 Days I Will get 75+.
    is it possible.
    I don't think so ??

  2. sir, mock mein score toh ok hai around 69 but GK only 0.5! how to improve it. I have seen all your videos but not a single question was from that information! I don't want GK to be the anchor in this exam too! IIFT total 37 but GK 0.32 🙁


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