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This video covers how to score maximum marks in 3 hours NEET exam. Effective time management tips to score 560+ to crack NEET

If you are studying in coaching center, you might already know that you should start with Biology first and then move on to Chemistry and finally do the Physics.

That’s the right approach to effectively manage exam time as well as to gain confidence during the exam.

Lets see why you should attempt biology first and later discuss the effective strategy to solve NEET question paper within 3 hours so that you get the maximum marks.

NEET exam paper consist of three types of questions, the first type of question tests your memory recall, the second type of question tests your analysis and evaluation skills and the third type of question tests your problem solving skills.

The one NEET exam hall strategy to crack neet with 560 marks:

Apart from these, there are 3 to 5 questions in every NEET question paper which is exclusively targeted for students who fight for the first 100 ALL India Rank in the exam. The strategy you adopt should help you to eliminate those tough 5 questions and concentrate your available 3 hours effectively to solve the other three types of questions to get the maximum marks.

Analysis of previous year NEET question paper reveals that there are more number of memory type questions, (approximately 50%) less number of analytical questions(approximately 25%) and very less number of problem solving questions( approximately 20%). As I said earlier, less than 3% of the questions are toughest that are not meant for you to solve.

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