How To Solve Calendar Problems – Aptitude Tricks For CAT 2017 By Shruti Rode - Videos


CAT 2017 Logical Reasoning – In this lesson Shruti Rode explains different types of problems based on calendars. Extremely useful for CAT 2017 aspirants as well as other management exam aspirants. Candidates appearing for CAT 2017 or other entrance tests will face various calendar-based problems. This is the aptitude questions and answers section on “Calendar” with explanation. You can easily solve all kind of Logical Reasoning problems based on Calendar by following this course.
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  1. in last QN while counting from "1st Jan" till 18april u took all 31 days for Jan.
    likewise in 3rd QN while counting from "1st April" till 25th dec. u took only 29 days for April !? why? u shud take complete 30 days for April right? bcs in both cases u are counting from 1st.
    31 days for from 1st Jan
    so 30 days for from 1st April ryt?


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