How to solve Caselets: (DI)-11: Practice Set: SBI PO Main-2017: By Amar Sir: Bank PO/Clerk - Videos


Please watch: “Data Interpretation questions for bank PO | MISSING DI-90 | Most Important for SBI PO MAIN #Amar Sir”


Caselet DI is very important for SBI PO MAIN.
First “Macro”, then “Micro” approach- leads to success over Caselet. पहले “सम्पूर्णता” में और तब “सूक्ष्मता” में – इस दृष्टि से आंकड़ों को देखने से “Caselet” को सरलता से बनाया जा सकता है.
Watch the video: “How to solve Caselets: (DI)-11: Practice Set: SBI PO Main-2017: By Amar Sir”:

Amar Sir’s Math Tricks: Quicker Method: Just in few seconds: Without using pen and paper: SBI PO/ Clerk/ IBPS PO/ Clerk/ SSC CGL/ Railway/ RRB/ LIC/ NDA/ CDS/ IAS/ JPSC/ BPSC: By Amar Sir having an experience of 23 years of teaching: Director of Chanakya Career Academy, Jamshedpur: 09931134475



  1. Sir, NIACL assitant prelims me i am out(nt clear), paper bhi acha gya still….m very disappointed, sir kuch logo ko hard work se bhi success kyu ni milti? unable to clear any exam…Sbi po prelim se umeed nai h – paper acha ni gya- puzzles solve ni hui …

  2. Sir, probability pe caselet btayiye उसमे भी cards और balls drawn at random without replacement. SBI PO Prelim me bhi que aaya tha card ka…. probability favourite he Sbi ka. Que पूछता ही पूछता है random drawn पे।

  3. A certain factory employed 600 men and 400 women and the average wage was Rs. 2.55 per day. If a woman got 50 paise less than a man, the daily wages of a man and a woman were…?
    1. Man 5.30, Woman 2.50
    2. Man 2.50, Woman 2.00
    3. Man 3.25, Woman 2.75
    4. Man 2.75, Woman 2.25
    Solve this question…Please…..
    Thanks in advance…


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