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In this video, learn tips and tricks on how to solve neet question paper effectively in 150 minutes.

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I classify Students into three groups, the first group are called toppers. They score more than 95%. They are the ones who compete for mbbs seat at the All India Level. The second group of students are called scorers. They score between 85% to 95% and are sure of medical seat through state government quota. The third type of students are called hopers because they are unsure about getting government quota medical seat. They will be getting around 70% to 85%. This video is exclusively done for the third group of students. If you belong to first and second group, I have a surprise for all group of students at the end of this video.

NEET question paper consist of three types of MCQs, the first type of question checks your memory recall, the second type of questions check your problem solving skill and the third type of question tests your application as well as analytical skills.

Analysis of previous year NEET question paper reveals that approximately 40% of the questions check memory recall, and 20% check your problem solving ability and 35% of the questions check your understanding of concepts.

In the first round, you should try to answer the memory recall type questions. You should not take more than 15 seconds for one MCQ. This means you have 10 seconds to read and understand the question, 5 seconds to recall the answer and fill the answer in the OMR sheet. Generally, if you have practised lot of MCQs during your preparation, you should be able to solve 60% of the questions within 1 second because you need not think to get the answer.

At the end of your round1, you would have read all 180 questions. This would take a total 30 minutes. Based on your preparation level, You would have answered 60 to 100 questions and marked them in OMR sheet by this time. This would take another 15 minutes. So in 45 minutes, you would have answered close to half the MCQs. During this round1, if you encounter any numerical MCQs or if you did not understand the question clearly, skip them and move on. Watch video to know about the next two rounds of solving neet question paper effectively.

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  1. Very very helpful. Thank you so much sir. But one doubt remains, when we do round 1 and round 2 questions as soon as we solve the question, we mark in OMR immediately right?? Or do we finish solving round 1 then mark round 1? And so forth.
    Which is more efficient and effective technique?


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