How to solve Quant in mocks- CAT 2018 - Videos


A brief video detailing ” How to Solve Quant in Mocks – CAT 2018″

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  1. Hello sir …..
    I had started my preparation with number system
    But I feel that I have given so much of time on it and still not finished it..
    And from this topic questions are less…

    So can you plz tell me other section out of algebra , arithmetic ,Geometry that I can start now that is not linked with any other section ?

  2. Thanks for this insight. Sir,I have one very important concern ,please address this :

    I have observed that ,in Quant ,there are a few concepts that I revised from my notes and saw questions on those in paper. I was able to solve them without straining my brain. Now I have not revised those questions for a few months ,just tried some of those and I was not able to think instinctively. I know revision is the key here.

    Similarly , do you feel such kind of revision is required for DILR sets as well.

    This question may be weird to you , but I think that this may be the case for delayed response when we see even distantly familiar. Please reply to this sir !




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