How to study at Harvard Business School at 18! - Videos


Jamie Beaton took courses at Harvard Business School when he was only 18! Crimson Education is the world leader in global admissions consulting. Find out more, and apply for a free education assessment here:

Listen to Jamie describe how he took Harvard Business School classes as an 18-year-old undergrad, give advice about how to reach out to professors and get the most out of your courses, and more!

Have a question for Jamie about Harvard, or admissions more broadly? Email him personally at [email protected]

Jamie Beaton is the CEO and co-founder of Crimson Education, a current student at Stanford Business School, a graduate from Harvard with a Masters and a Bachelors in three years, and a future Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. “Crimson Vlogs” is a new series in which Jamie brings you his personal expertise, insight, and experiences to all topics and questions related to top universities and admissions!



  1. The video is fine but the title is misleading. It could have been "Recommended Courses at Harvard Business School". Guess that is not enough to be a clickbait.

  2. This is an amazing video!! Thank you so much!! Also, did the classes Jamie took count for his credits for the semester? If an undergraduate takes graduate level classes, how does the credit system work?

  3. Look at me. This is the 4th video about how awesome of a protege I am. Look at me, I went to Harvard and now I'm at Stanford. Dont you wish you were me? oh btw I also founder this company. Oh btw let me make another video about Stanford and Harvard.

  4. Please stop with your boasting and showing everyone that we are not as good as you. Yes we get it. You are spectacular. Initially, I thought the purpose of this channel was to provide students with insight on schools across the planet. Clearly, the focus has shifted…


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