How To Study in Germany For Free - Videos


I met two wonderful students of Technical University of Munich who gave lots of tips on how to apply and get to study in Germany.



  1. Great job junaid bhai for allowing these hard working Pakistani students to share some great informations to us. May Allah a bless these two and many other Pakistani students and continue to shine.

  2. Sadly, a lot of information is not accurate. Not only Munich, but other big cities are tough to find a place in. And if you want to apply in a course that requires German, then you need German proficiency BEFORE applying for a university place.

  3. Junaid Akram bro thanks for this wonderful video… It really helped me in various ways and it clarified many misconceptions that I had about studying and living life in Germany, but still there is a confusion in my mind about racism i.e. I have heared that Germany has alot of racism against 'Brown People' … Is it true?
    Even if it is still video is awesome and helpful…

  4. Hello guys I have Done BS Computer Engineering.
    What are the Requirements of GPA there??
    What are the Key tie Breaker Things on which they give admission to student Plz Help
    Thanks bro who helps


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