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Human Geography – Environmentalism – Prof. Majid Husain

Human Geography for UPSC Mains 2018

The course covers complete syllabus for Human Geography. Each class starts with Map discussion which covers 20 marks in Geography Optional Mains. Past results include Shailender Singh (AIR 38), Gautam Singh (AIR 49), Prajit Nair (AIR 87) and hundreds more
Industry leader: Over 4 decades of teaching and research experience.

Course Details:

This course will cover Part B of Paper 1 (Human Geography) which consists of:
1. Perspectives in Human Geography: Areal differentiation; regional synthesis; Dichotomy and dualism; Environmentalism; Quantitative revolution and locational analysis; radical, behavioural, human and welfare approaches; Languages, religions and secularisation; Cultural regions of the world; Human development index.
2.Economic Geography: World economic development: measurement and problems; World resources and their distribution; Energy crisis; the limits to growth; World agriculture: typology of agricultural regions; agricultural inputs and productivity; Food and nutrition problems; Food security; famine: causes, effects and remedies; World industries: locational patterns and problems; patterns of world trade.
3.Population and Settlement Geography: Growth and distribution of world population; demographic attributes; Causes and consequences of migration; concepts of over-under-and optimum population; Population theories, world population problems and policies, Social well-being and quality of life; Population as social capital. Types and patterns of rural settlements; Environmental issues in rural settlements; Hierarchy of urban settlements; Urban morphology: Concepts of primate city and rank-size rule; Functional classification of towns; Sphere of urban influence; Rural – urban fringe; Satellite towns; Problems and remedies of urbanization; Sustainable development of cities.
4.Regional Planning: Concept of a region; Types of regions and methods of regionalisation; Growth centres and growth poles; Regional imbalances; regional development strategies; environmental issues in regional planning; Planning for sustainable development.
5.Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography: Systems analysis in Human geography; Malthusian, Marxian and demographic transition models; Central Place theories of Christaller and Losch;Perroux and Boudeville; Von Thunen’s model of agricultural location; Weber’s model of industrial location; Ostov’s model of stages of growth. Heartland and Rimland theories; Laws of international boundaries and frontiers.

Course suitable for candidates who have prepared for Geography optional and is having doubt in Human Geography.

About Teacher:

Prof. Majid Husain is a renowned professor in the field of Geography. He has an experience of more than 40 years teaching and researching in the field of Geography. He has authored some of the best-selling books in Geography for UPSC preparation.

Now, Prof. Majid Husain is mentoring UPSC aspirant for Geography Optional and helping many aspirants crack UPSC Civil service examination.

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