IIT JEE – lecture 2 – Rotational Motion – Moment of Inertia Problems - Videos


In this Online Video lecture we will be Discussing

00:23 — Moment of inertia of a Rod of Length L about axis passing through its end

03:45 — Moment of inertia of a block of mass m suspended by string making an angle 37 degree about the support.

05:30 — Conical Rotation. Rotating a rod at an angle with the vertical

10:50 — Moment of inertia of a two rod system, attached in the shape of a T.

15:16 — Three masses of mass m is attached at the ends of an equilateral triangle of side a (i) about one of its side (ii) about axis passing through centre of triangle.

Prof Anil Gotpagar –
1. B.Tech Mech.
2. Worked on few Projects for DRDO
3. Gives guest lectures on Automobile Engineering and How to build an IC engine Car at IITs and NITs

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