IIT -JEE Mains + Advanced – Work Energy Spring Problems HCV - Videos


In this Online Video lecture we will be solving H C Verma (HCV) problems based on Work Energy Theorem based on Spring – 50, 52

00:23 Q – Two Blocks A and B of same mass, A connected to spring B connected to String . Find speed of block A when It leaves the surface of the ground.

12:35 – Q – A bead is put in a ring, Bead is connected to a spring with natural length Sqrt(3) R , Find normal reaction when spring makes an angle 60 degree with the horizontal.

Prof Anil Gotpagar –
1. B.Tech Mech.
2. Worked on few Projects for DRDO
3. Gives guest lectures on Automobile Engineering and How to build an IC engine Car at IITs and NITs

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