IIT JEE Previous year questions on Magnetism – A (12.4.15), Class 12 Physics in Hindi - Videos


This Physics video lecture is on Class 12 NCERT Physics book, Magnetism, Chapter-4, Moving charges and magnetism, Part 15 – Previous year’s IIT JEE solved questions from the last 15 years.

Questions covered in this video are:
1)2002-S A particle of mass m and charge q moves with a constant velocity v along the positive x direction. It enters a region containing a uniform magnetic field B directed along the negative z direction, extending from x=a and x=b. The minimum value of V required so that the particle can just enter the region xb is
2)2002-S A long straight wire along the z-axis carries a current I in the negative z direction. The magnetic vector field at a point having coordinates (x, y) in the Z=0 plane is
3) 2002-S The magnetic field lines due to a bar magnet are correctly shown in
4) 2003-S For a positively charged particle moving in a x-y plane initially along the x-axis, there is a sudden change in its path due to the presence of electric and/or magnetic fields beyond P. The curved path is shown in the x-y plane and is found to be non-circular. Which one of the following combinations is possible?
5) 2003-S A conducting loop carrying a current I is placed in a uniform magnetic field pointing into the plane of the paper as shown. The loop will have a tendency to
6) 2003-S A current carrying loop is placed in a uniform magnetic field in four different orientations, i, ii, iii & iv, arrange them in the decreasing order of Potential Energy.
7) 2003-M A ring of radius R having uniformly distributed charge Q is mounted on a rod suspended by two identical strings. The tension in strings in equilibrium is To. Now a vertical magnetic field is switched on and ring is rotated at constant angular velocity ω. Find the maximum ω with which the ring can be rotated if the strings can withstand a maximum tension of 3To/2.
8) 2004-S An electron travelling with a speed u along the positive x-axis enters into a region of magnetic field where . It comes out of the region with speed v, then
9) 2004-M An α-particle and a proton are accelerated
from rest through same potential difference and both enter into a uniform
perpendicular magnetic field. Find the ratio of their radii of curvature.
10) 2005-M In a moving coil galvanometer, torque on
the coil can be expressed as τ=ki, where i is current through the wire and k is
constant. The rectangular coil of the galvanometer having numbers of turns N,
area A and moment of inertia I is placed in magnetic field B.

(a) k in terms of given parameters N, I, A and B.

Physics video lecture for class 12 in Hindi for the preparation of CBSE, IIT JEE, JEE, NEET, AIPMT, ICSE and all other Boards and entrance examinations.

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