IIT JEE Previous year questions on Magnetism – B (12.4.16), Class 12 Physics in Hindi - Videos


This Physics video lecture is on Class 12 NCERT Physics book, Magnetism, Chapter-4, Moving charges and magnetism, Part 16,B – Previous year’s IIT JEE solved questions from the last 15 years.

Questions covered in this video are:
1) A magnetic field exists in the region a-x-2a and in the region 2a-x-3a, where Bo is a positive constant. A positive point charge moving with a velocity Vo, Vo is a positive constant, enters the magnetic field at x=a. The trajectory of the charge in this region can be like,
2) A particle of mass m charge q, moving with velocity V enters Region II normal to the boundary as shown in the figure. Region II has a uniform magnetic field B perpendicular to the plane of the paper. The length of the region II is l. Choose the correct choice(s). Figure
3) Statement-1:The sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer is increased by placing a suitable magnetic material as a core inside the coil.
andStatement-2 Soft iron has a high magnetic permeability and cannot be magnetized or demagnetized.
4) Six point charges, each of the sam magnitude q, are arranged in different manners as shown in Column II. In each case, a point M and a line PQ passing through M are shown. Let E be the electric field and V be the electric potential at M (potential at infinity is zero) due to the given charge distribution when it is at rest. Now, the whole system is set into rotation with a constant angular velocity about
the line PQ. Let B be the magnetic field at M and µ be the magnetic moment of the system in this condition. Assume each rotating charge to be equivalent to a steady current.

5) A steady current I goes through a wire loop PQR
having shape of a right angle triangle with PQ=3x, PR=4x, and QR=5x. If the
magnitude of the magnetic field at P due to this loop is

6) A thin flexible wire of length L is connected to
two adjacent fixed points and carries a current I in the clockwise direction,
as shown in the figure. When the system is put in a uniform magnetic field of
strength B going into the plane of the paper, the wire takes the shape of a circle.
The tension in the wire is

7) An electron and a proton are moving on straight
parallel paths with same velocity. They enter a semi-infinite region of uniform
magnetic field perpendicular to the velocity. Which of the following
statement(s) is/are true?

8) A long insulated copper wire is closely wound as a
spiral of ‘N’ turns. The spiral has inner radius ‘a’ and outer
radius ‘b’. The spiral lies in the X-Y plane and a steady current ‘I’ flows
through the wire. The Z-component of the magnetic field at the center of the
spiral is

9) Consider the motion of a positive point charge in a
region where there are simultaneous uniform electric and magnetic fields At time t=0, this charge has velocity in the x-y plane, making an angle θ with x-axis.
Which of the following option(s) is(are) correct for time

10) A cylindrical cavity of diameter a exists inside a cylinder of diameter 2a as shown in the figure. Both the cylinder and the cavity are infinitely long. A uniform current density J flows along the length. If the magnitude of the
magnetic field at the point P is given by

Physics video lecture for class 12 in Hindi for the preparation of CBSE, IIT JEE, JEE, NEET, AIPMT, ICSE and all other Boards and entrance examinations.

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