IIT JEE Previous year questions on Magnetism – C (12.4.17), Class 12 Physics in Hindi - Videos


This Physics video lecture is on Class 12 NCERT Physics book, Magnetism,
Chapter-4, Moving charges and magnetism, Part 17, C – Previous year’s
IIT JEE solved questions from the last 15 years.

Questions covered in this video are:
1)JEE-2012 A loop carrying current I lies in the x-y plane as shown in the figure. Theunit vector k is coming out of the plane of the paper. The magnetic moment of the current loop is
2) JEE-2012 An infinitely long hollow conducting cylinder with inner radius R/2 and outer radius R carries a uniform current density along its length. The magnitude of the magnetic field, B as a function of the radial distance r from the axis is best represented by
3)JEE-2013 A particle of mass M and positive charge Q, moving with a constant velocity , enters a region of uniform static magnetic field normal to the x-y plane. The region of the magnetic field extends from x=0 to x=L for all values of y. After passing through this region, the particle emerges on the other side after 10 milliseconds with a velocity. The correct statement(s) is(are)
4) JEE-2013 A steady current I flows along an infinitely long hollow conductor of radius R. This cylinder is placed coaxially inside an infinite solenoid of radius 2R. The solenoid has n turns per unit length and carries a steady current I. Consider a point P at a distance r from the common axis. The correct statement(s) is(are)
5) JEE-2014 Two parallel wires in the plane of the paper are distance Xo apart. A point charge is moving with speed u between the wires in the same plane at a distance X1 from one of the wires. When the wires carry current of magnitude I in the same direction, the radius of curvature of the path of the point charge is R1. In contrast, if the currents I in the two wires have directions opposite to each other, the radius of curvature of the path is R2.
6) JEE-2014 The figure shows a circular loop of radius a with two long parallel wires (numbered 1 and 2) all in the plane of the paper. The distance of each wire from the center of the loop is d The loop and the wires are carrying the same current I. The current in the loop is in the counterclockwise direction if seen from above.
7) JEE-2015 A conductor (shown in the figure) carrying constant current I is kept in the x-y plane in a uniform magnetic field B. If F is the magnitude of the total magnetic force acting on the conductor, then the correct statement(s) is(are)
8) JEE-2016 Consider two identical galvanometers and two identical resistors with resistance R. If the internal resistance of the galvanometers Rc is less than R/2, which of the following statement(s) about any one of the galvanometers is(are) true?
9) JEE-2017 A charged particle (electron or proton) is introduced at the origin (x=0, y=0 and z=0) with a given initial velocity v. A uniform electric field E and a uniform magnetic field B exist everywhere. The velocity v, electric field E and B are given in columns 1, 2 and 3, respectively.
10) JEE-2017 A uniform magnetic field B exists in the region between x=0 and x=3R/2 (region 2 in the figure) pointing normally into the plane of the paper. A
particle with charge +Q and momentum p directed along x-axis enters region 2 from region 1 at point P1 (y = -R). Which of the following option(s) is/are correct?

Physics video lecture for class 12 in Hindi for the preparation of CBSE, IIT JEE, JEE, NEET, AIPMT, ICSE and all other Boards and entrance examinations.

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